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Historical Times article

The lovely Sam Taw, author of the excellent 'Tribes of Britain' series, recently approached me and asked if I would like to contribute an article to her online magazine 'Historical Times'. I wanted to write about, perhaps unsurprisingly, the myth of the Golden Fleece but I also wanted to celebrate the determination of those men and women prepared to expend huge amounts of time and energy (and money!) on exploring the truth behind Greek myths.

This is FREE to subscribe to and the link is I felt really privileged to have my name amongst the likes of best-sellers Christian Cameron, Angus Donald and Susan Stokes-Chapman but all the articles are well worth a read over a coffee.

For all the maligned stuff that you find on social media - it can be a pretty depressing experience scrolling on Twitter - there is a whole bunch of people out there who are genuinely lovely, supportive people. Anyone considering writing really ought to try reaching out to other writers in their genre. I've recently been added to a 'Head of Zeus' network on Twitter and it's great fun listening to other writers' experiences within the same stable, promoting each other's work and sharing war stories. It's always worth remembering that, whatever stage your are at, whatever frustrations you may be facing, you are never alone!


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